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Combining more than 100 years of legal experience to serve the Farmington Valley, Murphy, Laudati, Kiel & Rattigan's (MLK&R) experienced and skilled attorneys provide wide-ranging legal solutions through our diverse knowledge of the various areas of law.

The current legal environment places demands and requires changes in the legal profession to meet the expanded needs of our clients beyond what small practice resources typically provide. To fill this need, we created our multidisciplinary firm. We provide an efficient and comfortable environment for our clients with a seamless approach created by assigning attorneys with specific proficiencies to individually address all of our client's concerns. We create this experience by recognizing that all of our clients lead complex lives. We help them identify when concerns in one area of their life will likely impact other areas and help them recognize and meet those changes.

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Results At A Reasonable Cost

Our philosophy is to counsel businesses and individuals seeking legal advice through a collaborative approach with other professionals designed to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We understand that obtaining superior results and controlling the cost of legal services are often competing priorities. As a result, we devote time and thought to managing our firm and educating our attorneys and staff so we achieve our goal of providing the highest quality legal services at the most reasonable cost.

We are committed to the Farmington Valley and surrounding communities. All of our lawyers have lived and worked in Connecticut for decades. This is our home too. Clients find it reassuring that our involvement and knowledge of their neighborhood adds to our ability to relate to their concerns and needs.

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