Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a model of negotiation that emphasizes respect and privacy of the divorcing couple. It is an alternative to mediation in that each client has their chosen attorney acting as their advocate throughout the negotiation process. It is an alternative to the traditional litigation approach that involves the court and may involve a trial. The parties agree not to use the court to make decisions about their case. Rather they choose through the help of two attorneys and typically a psychologist or child expert and a financial planner to meet in the office setting and develop personalized goals for after the divorce. The professionals guide them through the goal setting and help them create parenting plans to meet the best interests of their children and financial plans, which provides for financial security post divorce. Collaborative Divorce is designed to resolve all the issues raised by parties that occur because of the break down of the marriage and not just those that a court has the authority to address. Moreover it is designed to save the considerable cost of litigation. To practice collaborative divorce, all the professionals must have specific training in the collaborative process.

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