Addressing All Family Law Matters

Family law often addresses the issues that families face when there is a divorce or unmarried parents separate. The concerns that are often raised are:

  • Who makes decisions for the minor children? (custody)
  • How much time does each child spend in each parent's home? (parenting schedule)
  • Who supports my child and what expenses does child support cover? (child support)
  • Am I or my children entitled to receive medical insurance from my spouse's employer? (Medical insurance and COBRA)
  • Who pays for college? (post secondary educational expense statute)
  • Am I entitled to support from my spouse? (alimony)
  • Who remains in the marital home? (exclusive possession)
  • Who pays the bills while we are negotiating the divorce? (temporary support)
  • How do I share in my spouse's retirement benefits without triggering taxes? (QDRO)
  • Am I entitled to share in my spouse's military pension? (MPDO)

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