The Perfect Blend of Legal Experience.

No single attorney has mastery of every legal discipline. The best divorce attorney is unlikely to do well with construction law, for example. This is a major reason MLK&R was founded, to provide our clients with legal knowledge, experience and success, with each attorney focusing on one area of the law. Combined, MLK&R attorneys deliver a perfect blend of legal experience meeting all the needs of our clients.

When you walk into any one of our offices, you can be assured that a partner of our firm will help you. Should your needs expand into other areas of the law, another one of our partners can provide that service right next door. Whether your needs are limited or complex, a single matter or an intricate web of issues you can trust our team approach to meet them all. We combine the benefits of personal service found in a small firm and added the scope of a large firm by integrating our skills, experience and knowledge. Individuals, families and businesses throughout Connecticut and the Farmington Valley have discovered they have someone they can trust to meet all their legal needs.

Meet the Team: